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Jim Skelton
Jim Skelton

The Past Within.7z

The other day I downloaded a .RAR file. I saw them here and there but to my surprise never extracted one in the past. I really needed the app which I found in a previous article on taking a screenshot of my cell phone.

The Past Within.7z


Alternatively, you can just run 7Zip directly and open the archive from the program interface. You can either paste the file location into the text entry box or browse for it using the icons shown at the bottom part of the above screenshot. Once you have located your file, click on it once. This will highlight it. Then, press the minus sign ( - ) in the menu bar across the top. The window below will open.

Whether threat actors use common archive formats like ZIP and RAR, disk image formats like ISO and VHD, or more obscure archive types like ACE, the intentions are the same: smuggling malicious code past gateway scanners and security systems, and executing it.

Sounds good. Thanks for the replies. One thing I was curious about that I decided to not put in the last post but kinda regret now is has there been a need for long path support in Opus? I've wanted that in windows for years and have only heard of it being added within the past year. 041b061a72


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