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Love, Wrinkle-free 3 Review: A Fun and Heartwarming Hindi Movie That Celebrates Life and Love

Love, Wrinkle-free 3 Hindi Full Movie Download: A Slice of Life Romantic Comedy Set in Goa

If you are looking for a light-hearted and refreshing romantic comedy that breaks the stereotypes of age and beauty, you might want to check out Love, Wrinkle-free 3, the third installment of the popular indie film series directed by Sandeep Mohan. The film is set in the picturesque and laid-back world of Goa, where a dysfunctional family faces various challenges and surprises in their quest for love and happiness.

Love, Wrinkle-free 3 hindi full movie download


What is Love, Wrinkle-free 3 about?

Love, Wrinkle-free 3 is a sequel to Love, Wrinkle-free (2012) and Love, Wrinkle-free 2 (2017), which followed the lives of Savio and Annie Monteiro, a middle-aged couple who unexpectedly find themselves pregnant after years of trying. Their adopted daughter Ruth, who is also pregnant with her boyfriend Tashi's child, is not too happy about the news. Meanwhile, Savio's ambitious business idea of launching an edible lingerie brand called 'Eat Me' lands him in trouble with a local don Bruno Corrieo and his rival Jacob Corrieo. Savio also gets tempted by a flirty photographer Natalie, who has her own agenda. The film explores the themes of love, family, faith, and aging with humor and warmth.

The plot of Love, Wrinkle-free 3

In Love, Wrinkle-free 3, Savio and Annie are now proud grandparents of Ruth and Tashi's baby boy. They are also expecting their second child soon. However, things get complicated when Savio's old flame Natalie returns to Goa with a shocking revelation. She claims that Savio is the father of her teenage daughter Valerie, who is also pregnant. Savio is stunned and confused by this twist of fate. He doesn't know how to break the news to Annie or how to deal with his newfound daughter and granddaughter. Annie, on the other hand, senses that something is wrong with Savio and suspects that he is hiding something from her. She also faces some health issues during her pregnancy that make her insecure about her looks and her relationship with Savio. Ruth and Tashi are also going through some marital problems as they struggle to balance their careers and parenthood. Ruth feels neglected by Tashi, who is busy with his music career and his new manager Cleetus D'Cruz. Tashi feels pressured by Ruth, who wants him to settle down and take up a stable job. Bruno and Jacob Corrieo are still at loggerheads over Savio's 'Eat Me' business, which has become a huge success. They both try to sabotage Savio's plans and get a share of his profits. Will Savio be able to sort out his messy family situation? Will Annie be able to forgive Savio and trust him again? Will Ruth and Tashi be able to save their marriage? Will Bruno and Jacob Corrieo ever stop fighting? Watch Love, Wrinkle-free 3 to find out.

The cast of Love, Wrinkle-free 3

The cast of Love, Wrinkle-free 3 features some familiar faces from the previous films as well as some new additions. Here is the list of the main actors and their roles:



Ash Chandler

Savio Monteiro

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