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How to Integrate Blab Chat Pro with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and More

We offer websocket hosting as a separate service for 9.90 USD/mo. BlaB! WS Pro client can be installed on any PHP/MySQL enabled host or web hosting service. Any inexpensive shared hosting you are familiar with will do. We provide a mobile friendly, easy-to-use console (see the screenshot) to manage your websocket server. Having the chat client installed on your own host lets you keep full control over the chat system - add, enable or disable machines, use custom avatars and sticker packs, your own BLINGs, change the look, setup a splash page, add a radio stream etc etc.

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One websocket server = one chat channel with multiple rooms - see channels and rooms. We will provide you with a second instance for free upon request and in case the client is installed under the same domain.

Are you thinking of adding a free live chat feature to your website? Do you want to give personalized live chat support that will improve your visitors' website experience? Do you want your forum members to chat with each other in real time?

Fortunately, there are free PHP scripts available to help. Free PHP live chat scripts come in all sizes and shapes. Nearly all free PHP live chat scripts come with the basic features to set up a basic chat facility on your website.

Some free PHP live chat scripts stand apart because they offer enterprise-level features found in premium live chat scripts. Some even offer PHP expert online help free. These scripts are constantly updated, maintained, and improved by volunteer communities of open-source enthusiasts.

Another category is cloud-based live chat scripts run by companies that offer paid subscription plans. Some offer free plans with a generous amount of features, so that you may not need to upgrade to monthly paid plans.

Along with these free PHP live chat scripts, I encourage you to take a look at some premium live chat PHP scripts available on CodeCanyon. For a low-cost one-time payment, you can purchase these high-quality premium PHP live chat scripts that come with more features and better support from developers. Or you can even learn how to make your own live chat script in PHP!

Live Chat Helper boasts over 10,000 downloads and is used by banks, healthcare organizations, universities, and gaming companies, where data protection is a top priority. This open-source, live support chat script comes with a long list of free enterprise-level features, including extensive third-party integrations.

You can have unlimited departments with unlimited operators who can conduct chats with multiple customers at the same time and share screens to see what your customers are seeing. It has language support for both LTR and RTL. You can upload and exchange files just by dragging and dropping. It also has visitor tracking across different subdomains.

If you're looking for a free PHP group chat script, then go for BlaB! AX. Built with AJAX and PHP, this group chat system is responsive on both the front-end and admin, and also fully resizable on all screens including low-end smartphones and tablets. It supports all modern browsers including mobile browsers. You won't need additional plugins like Flash, Java, or server modules.

Wouldn't it be cool if you developed a chatbox that could answer customer messages on your Facebook Messenger chat, Slack, WeChat, and more? Well, you can do so using BotMan: the open-source chatbot development framework for cross-platform chat and voice applications. BotMan is a freely available PHP framework that allows you to develop innovative bots for multiple messaging platforms. It comes with extensive documentation. Here is the GitHub page.

PhpFreeChat is a completely free chat script. It can easily be embedded in your HTML code thanks to a customizable jQuery module. You can customize the chat by using any of the four free themes it comes with. And if you have CSS and/or LESS skills, you can customize it with your website identity.

LiveAdmin Lite is a free live customer support chat script that can be integrated into content management systems using ready-to-use plugins. When using this version, you cannot alter or change the code. Also, a link to the LiveAdmin website must be present on the client side of the panel.

ShoutBox is a PHP chat box with integrated spam protection, multiple language support, and multiple browser support. You can use it with or without a MySQL database. The free download is for non-commercial use only.

WaterCooler Chat is a simple, easy-to-use flat file database, PHP and AJAX chat system that lets you embed a chat container wherever you like. It comes with highly customizable themes that are 100% HTML and CSS, so you can give the open chat interface your personal touch. Users can upload files and images in chat rooms. You will also find indispensable features like moderator tools, password-protected profiles, and anti-spam tools.

PHP Atomchat is perfect if you run a low-volume website. This multilingual free PHP chat script does not require a database. Neither does it require registration or a password. Ever! It works out of the box and is completely anonymous. It works smoothly across all devices, browsers, and platforms. You can find the source code on GitHub.

Seamless live chat experiences leave your website visitors satisfied and highly likely to become return customers. But running an efficient live support operation is not easy. Mistakes can be made along the way, resulting in a lot of missed opportunities that can seriously hurt your business.

During peak hours, chat traffic is high. Peak cycles will vary whenever you have sales, promotions, or holidays. You want to avoid a situation where you are under-staffed during peak chat traffic hours and fully staffed when there is low traffic.

Fortunately, live chat scripts come with analytics that provide a huge amount of data that will help you predict peak traffic periods so you can reassign your client support team to these hours. Another solution is to have your team download mobile apps of the live support script so they can attend to queries anywhere, anytime.

Not having an invitation to chat can cost you a lot of customers. Just because you have a click-to-chat button on your website does not mean that visitors will click the button. In fact, these buttons, when not accompanied by a short message, can come off as impersonal. A friendly note extending an invitation to chat if they have any questions will prompt your visitors to engage.

Live chats promise website visitors instant access to customer service and personalized service. Making visitors fill in too many fields on the pre-chat form creates frustration. You can avoid this mistake by simply collecting the user's name and email. Also, activating the visitor monitoring feature on your live chat system allows you to know their location and see what they're searching for. And this can help you provide a personalized service.

Even the most cutting-edge live chat support technology will not save a badly trained customer support team. Training your team on how to use the live chat system and how to interact with customers goes a long way to making your team efficient and your business successful.

Free PHP scripts come in all sizes and shapes. Some have enterprise-level features, while others have limited features that allow you to get started, but as your website traffic expands you will be forced to change to premium live chat scripts with advanced features.

When that time comes, you can explore thousands of the best and most useful PHP scripts ever created on CodeCanyon. For a low-cost one-time payment, you can purchase one of these high-quality PHP live chat scripts or PHP video chat scripts and give the personalized support that will improve your visitors' website experience.


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