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Owen Turner
Owen Turner

Days Gone Download Free !!TOP!! (v1.07)

I remember the good old days when 15GB meant you were downloading the whole game... so I'd not be surprised if 'patches' are easily 50+ GB in size next generation.I want my 3MB Genesis cartridges back, dammit!

Days Gone Download Free (v1.07)

Upon release, Bend Studio supported the game with free downloadable content. In June 2019, Survival difficulty mode, which modifies the head-up display and disables options to fast travel, was introduced.[46] This was followed by 12 weekly challenges, in each of which players' performances are classified into Gold, Silver and Bronze rankings. Players receive credits that can be used to purchase new characters and other accessories.[47] In September 2019, Bend added New Game Plus and the MB-150, a sniper rifle from the Syphon Filter series, into the game.[48] Bike tanks, decorations, and frame paint inspired by Death Stranding were released in November 2019.[49] 041b061a72


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