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Watch the first-ever 50-Man Greatest Royal Rumble Match in full HD

How to Watch WWE Greatest Royal Rumble 2018 Full Match Online

If you are a fan of professional wrestling, you might have heard of WWE Greatest Royal Rumble 2018, a historic event that featured the first-ever 50-man Royal Rumble match, as well as seven championship matches and some legendary superstars. The event took place on April 27, 2018, at the King Abdullah Sports City Stadium in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and was part of a 10-year partnership between WWE and the Saudi General Sports Authority.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about WWE Greatest Royal Rumble 2018, including its facts, results, highlights, and most importantly, how to watch it online legally and safely. Whether you missed the event live or want to relive it again, we will show you how to access it on various devices and platforms.

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WWE Greatest Royal Rumble 2018 Facts and Results


WWE Greatest Royal Rumble 2018 was a unique event that showcased some of the best talent from WWE's Raw, SmackDown, and 205 Live brand divisions. Here are some facts about the event that you might not know:

  • The event was attended by an estimated crowd of 60,000 people, making it one of the largest attendances in WWE history.

  • The main attraction of the event was the first-ever 50-man Royal Rumble match, which was won by Braun Strowman, who eliminated a record-breaking 13 superstars. The match also featured some surprise entrants, such as Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio, The Great Khali, Mark Henry, and Hornswoggle.

  • The event was also notable for being Chris Jericho's final match in WWE before he signed with All Elite Wrestling in 2019. Jericho had been working for WWE on-and-off since 1999.

  • The event was controversial for several reasons, such as its exclusion of female wrestlers due to Saudi Arabia's conservative laws and culture, its promotion of Saudi Arabia's social and economic reform program Saudi Vision 2030, its questionable booking decisions, such as Brock Lesnar retaining the Universal Championship against Roman Reigns in a steel cage match after a botched finish, and its accidental airing of a video package that featured female wrestlers, which led to an apology from WWE and a backlash from some Saudi officials.


WWE Greatest Royal Rumble 2018 featured a total of 10 matches, including seven championship matches. Here is a table summarizing the results of each match:


Casket match

The Undertaker

Brock Lesnar (c) (with Paul Heyman) vs. Roman Reigns

Steel cage match for the WWE Universal Championship

Brock Lesnar

50-man Royal Rumble match

Royal Rumble match for the WWE Greatest Royal Rumble Trophy and Championship Belt

Braun Strowman

Here is a brief analysis of each match and its impact on WWE storylines:

  • John Cena vs. Triple H: This was a classic match between two veterans of the industry, who put on a show for the fans. Cena won the match after hitting Triple H with two Attitude Adjustments. This was Cena's first match since his loss to The Undertaker at WrestleMania 34, and he thanked the crowd for their support after the match.

  • Cedric Alexander vs. Kalisto: This was a fast-paced and high-flying match between two of the best cruiserweights in WWE. Alexander retained his title after hitting Kalisto with the Lumbar Check. This was Alexander's first title defense since winning the vacant title at WrestleMania 34, and he continued his momentum as the champion of 205 Live.

  • Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy vs. Cesaro and Sheamus: This was a tag team match to crown the new Raw Tag Team Champions, after Braun Strowman and Nicholas relinquished the titles the night after WrestleMania 34. Wyatt and Hardy, who formed an alliance after their Ultimate Deletion match, won the match after hitting Sheamus with a double Sister Abigail. This was their first title reign as a team, and they celebrated with their "Woken" gestures.

  • Jeff Hardy vs. Jinder Mahal: This was a rematch from Raw, where Hardy defeated Mahal to win the United States Championship and bring it to SmackDown. Hardy retained his title after hitting Mahal with the Swanton Bomb. This was Hardy's first singles title reign since 2009, and he proved his resilience as a champion.

  • The Bludgeon Brothers vs. The Usos: This was a rematch from WrestleMania 34, where Harper and Rowan dominated The Usos to win the SmackDown Tag Team Championship. The Bludgeon Brothers retained their title after hitting Jimmy Uso with a double powerbomb. This was their first title defense as a team, and they showed their dominance as the champions of SmackDown.

  • Seth Rollins vs. Finn Bálor vs. Samoa Joe vs. The Miz: This was a ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship, which Rollins won at WrestleMania 34 by pinning The Miz in a triple threat match that also involved Bálor. Rollins retained his title after grabbing the belt from atop the ladder, while fending off his opponents. This was Rollins' first title defense as the champion of Raw, and he proved his excellence as a performer.

  • AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura: This was a rematch from WrestleMania 34, where Styles defeated Nakamura to retain the WWE Championship, but Nakamura turned heel and attacked Styles after the match. The rematch ended in a no contest after both men failed to answer the referee's 10-count, following a low blow exchange. The feud between Styles and Nakamura continued, as they fought each other after the match until they were separated by officials.

  • The Undertaker vs. Rusev: This was a casket match, where the winner had to put his opponent inside a casket and close the lid. The Undertaker won the match after hitting Rusev with a Tombstone Piledriver and placing him and English inside the casket. This was The Undertaker's second match in 2018, after his squash victory over John Cena at WrestleMania 34, and he showed that he still had some gas left in the tank.

  • Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns: This was a steel cage match for the Universal Championship, which Lesnar retained at WrestleMania 34 by pinning Reigns after hitting him with six F-5s. Lesnar retained his title again after escaping the cage through the door, which was opened by Paul Heyman, while Reigns speared him through it. The finish was controversial, as Reigns' feet touched the floor before Lesnar's, but the referee's decision stood. The match was heavily criticized by fans and critics, as it failed to deliver a satisfying conclusion to the feud between Lesnar and Reigns.

  • 50-man Royal Rumble match: This was the main event of the show, and the first-ever 50-man Royal Rumble match in WWE history. The match lasted over an hour and a half, and featured some memorable moments, such as Daniel Bryan entering at number one and lasting for 76 minutes, a record for the longest time spent in a Royal Rumble match, Titus O'Neil tripping and sliding under the ring, a hilarious botch that went viral on social media, and Braun Strowman dominating the match and eliminating 13 superstars, another record for the most eliminations in a Royal Rumble match. Strowman won the match after eliminating Big Cass, who was the last man standing with him. Strowman received a trophy and a championship belt for his victory, and celebrated with Vince McMahon and a young fan.

How to Watch WWE Greatest Royal Rumble 2018 Full Match Online

WWE Network

The best and easiest way to watch WWE Greatest Royal Rumble 2018 full match online is through WWE Network, the official streaming service of WWE. WWE Network is a subscription-based service that offers unlimited access to WWE's vast library of content, including live and on-demand pay-per-views, original shows, documentaries, and more. Here is how to subscribe to WWE Network and watch WWE Greatest Royal Rumble 2018 full match online:

  • Go to [WWE Network] and sign up for a free trial or a monthly plan. The free trial lasts for one month and gives you access to all the features of WWE Network. The monthly plan costs $9.99 per month and can be canceled at any time.

  • Choose your preferred device and platform to watch WWE Network. You can watch WWE Network on your computer, smartphone, tablet, smart TV, gaming console, or streaming device. You can also download the WWE app on your device for easy access.

  • Search for WWE Greatest Royal Rumble 2018 in the WWE Network library or browse through the categories and genres. You can also use the search bar or the filters to find what you are looking for.

  • Select the full match option or any other option that suits your preference. You can also choose to watch the pre-show, the post-show, or the highlights of the event.

  • Enjoy watching WWE Greatest Royal Rumble 2018 full match online on WWE Network. You can also pause, rewind, fast-forward, or skip through the match as you wish. You can also watch other related content on WWE Network, such as interviews, backstage segments, reactions, and more.

Other Options

If you don't want to subscribe to WWE Network or you are looking for some alternative ways to watch WWE Greatest Royal Rumble 2018 full match online, here are some other options that you can try:

Buy or rent the event on digital platforms. You can buy or rent WWE Greatest Royal Rumble 2018 full match online on platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, or Vudu. The price may vary depending on the platform and the region, but it usually ranges from $9.99 to $14.99 for buying and from $3.99 to $5.99 for renting. The advantage of this option is that you can


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