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Jim Skelton

The Matter Of Time Italian Dubbed Free Download VERIFIED

Hi, maybe interesting to know. I live in Belgium, which most of you know is a country with more than one official language (3, as a matter of fact : Dutch (60%), French (39%), German (1%)). Whereas we, the Flemish, use subtitles, the French speaking parts mostly use dubbing. Coincidence or not, but generally speaking we, the Flemish, are much better at languages than the French speaking part of the country. I would like to point out one further advantage to dubbing, though. As it takes more time to read than it does to listen to the sound of an actor, this means that subtitles most of the time are only a summary of a translation of what was really being said. With dubbing, in almost all cases it is possible to say the full translated sentence in the target language.

the Matter of Time italian dubbed free download

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