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The Intellectual Devotional Pdf |VERIFIED| Download

It's a great concept, based on the devotional idea from various religions - a daily study of a very simple concept somehow related to a larger whole, broken out over 365 days. For the Abrahamic religions, it's a useful verse or story from the Torah, Bible or Quran. Playing this idea forward, the authors of the book decided to come up with 365 things that every reasonably educated (American) person should know. Each day is a separate idea / concept / name / piece of art / mathematical formula / etc.

The Intellectual Devotional Pdf Download


And without further ado, here's the deck. Apologies for any mistakes - I've corrected a few typos since creating it, so no claims that it's perfect. Also, it's not 365 cards - I left out concepts too difficult to explain on a flashcard or that I deemed unnecessary ("What is Sound?"). All cards in the deck are tagged with "intellectualdevotional" to be easily added or separated from any more comprehensive study deck you may have.

Studies in Philology has been a leader in literary scholarship since 1906. Through the whole of its history, the journal's home has been the Department of English and Comparative Literature at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. As its principal mission, the journal considers for publication articles on British literature from the Anglo-Saxon period through Romanticism. But we also welcome contributions on continental European and Neo-Latin literature, especially articles that address interdisciplinary issues of interest to literary and intellectual historians.

Now updated to reflect current events, this daily digest of intellectual challenge and learning will arouse curiosity, refresh knowledge, expand horizons, and keep the mind sharp.Millions of Americans keep bedside books of prayer and meditative reflection--collections of daily passages to stimulate spiritual thought and advancement. The Intellectual Devotional is a secular version of the same--a collection of 365 short lessons to inspire and invigorate every day of the year. Each daily digest of wisdom is drawn from one of seven fields of knowledge: history, literature, philosophy, mathematics and science, religion, fine arts, and music.Impress your friends by explaining Plato's Cave Allegory, memorize Sonnet 18, and unlock the mystery of how batteries work. Daily readings range from important passages in literature to basic principles of physics, from pivotal events in history to images of famous paintings with accompanying analysis. The book's goal is to refresh knowledge we've forgotten, make new discoveries, and exercise modes of thinking that are ordinarily neglected once our school days are behind us. Offering an escape from the daily grind to contemplate higher things, The Intellectual Devotional is a great way to awaken in the morning or to revitalize the mind before retiring in the evening.

The Journal of Folklore Research is an international, peer-reviewed forum for current theory and research among scholars of traditional culture. Each issue includes topical, incisive examinations of vernacular or traditional expressive forms, as well as essays that address the fieldwork experience and the intellectual history of folklore and ethnomusicology studies. Contributors include scholars and professionals in such additional fields as anthropology, area studies, communication, cultural studies, history, linguistics, literature, performance studies, religion, and semiotics.

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231. There also exists a constant tension between ideas and realities. Realities simply are, whereas ideas are worked out. There has to be continuous dialogue between the two, lest ideas become detached from realities. It is dangerous to dwell in the realm of words alone, of images and rhetoric. So a third principle comes into play: realities are greater than ideas. This calls for rejecting the various means of masking reality: angelic forms of purity, dictatorships of relativism, empty rhetoric, objectives more ideal than real, brands of ahistorical fundamentalism, ethical systems bereft of kindness, intellectual discourse bereft of wisdom.

First is intellectual discipline. I hope that while you are here you will develop a degree of mental acuity that finds its expression in a mind that is alert, that is orderly in its processes, that is hungry for more of the kind of thing it has been fed while here. Already you have shown a marked disposition in this direction. Otherwise, you would not be here. As you moved through high school you saw many of your associates drop away, unwilling to pay the price of effort needed to finish the course. I congratulate you.

I deplore the terrible waste of the intellectual resources of so many people of this nation who devote countless hours watching mindless drivel. What a wonderful thing it is, on the other hand, to be found submersed, as you are, in a world of books wherein you can walk with the great minds of all time. Again, in the Wall Street Journal was a column written by the former editor of the Chicago Tribune. He wrote of certain aspects of television and then asked:

My brethren and sisters, this is the greatest season of your lives to develop a familiarity with good books and great minds, the kind of familiarity that will lead to mental acuity and intellectual strength.

So it must be with you who have come to learn in this great institution. You must pick up knowledge now available to you and at the same time cultivate a continuing thirst for knowledge to be added to throughout your lives and to be shared with others for their blessing and benefit. Such is the opportunity and the responsibility you have as a student at Brigham Young University. What will you take with you when you leave here? I hope it will be an intellectual hunger, a mental sharpness, a mental discipline, a substantial body of knowledge to which you will wish to add all the days of your lives.

Just as the Revelation unveils the details of the end times, so Dr. Barnhouse's study of this very difficult book reveal the somewhat misunderstood content of Revelation to the one who carefully studies its pages. Proceeding verse by verse and section by section through Revelation, Dr. Barnhouse shares remarkable intellectual and devotional insights that are clearly refreshing because they are his own. His timely applications and valuable exposition make the blessing promised in the early verse of Revelation a reality for that one who studies this prophetic book.


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