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Jim Skelton

[NEW] Bloxburg Script Auto Job Auto Build ...

I'm probably late to this whole thing but I was looking at a "speed build" for reference but realized is went extremely fast, I went to the comments and found out he was auto building. This video was made 2 years ago so I'm clearly late to the whole thing but I'm pretty sure it's an exploit? I don't know though because it looked as if bloxburg allowed it in the video (I think this because it showed how much money you needed and bloxbucks you needed but with the bloxburg icon thing) I don't want to use it if it's something that can get me banned but if it's safe to use then please let me know ?

[NEW] Bloxburg Script | Auto Job | Auto Build |...

Popular YouTuber Ashley from the channel AshleyTheUnicorn recently made a video about the new glitch that lets a player auto-build in Bloxburg. YouTube refers to how so many TikTok users have lately posted about how they auto-build their house in Bloxburg. This glitch in the game is essentially an exploit that has become available for download the recent days. But Ashley warns her viewers not to download it as they exploit might result to them being banned from the game. In the YouTube video, Ashley features TikTok videos, that have shown how to auto-build in the game. Here are the steps that can help start the process. 041b061a72


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